Kate McCrickard Speaks

Dear Messrs. Lynch and Frost,

An appearance by visual and performance artist, Michelle Levy, in the new series of Twin Peaks, might add a further embedded code to your complex psychological riddle. She brings with her an army of fans from the art world who have diligently followed her quest for Agent Cooper. Her desire to rescue Cooper after his disappearance into The Black Lodge is commendable; there is something of the medieval platonic love to it. Cooper shares such values. He is the prince come to save Laura. Levy comes to save him. She kept Cooper alive when others thought he may never make it back. She did not forget him.

A brief appearance by Levy, who has such an evident psychic connection to Cooper, might read as nothing to those who are out of her loop, but to those in the know, it would resolve a years’ long project – a slow hunt for Cooper that has arisen not purely by chance – in a brilliant manner.

Levy is magnetic on stage. Her Cooper project has gained a cult following in response to her and the source material. And she is deeply photogenic and engaging, like most of your cast.

Please consider her request to appear.

On behalf of the European fan base,


Kate McCrickard