Best Friend Speaks

Dear David Lynch,

I am a big fan of your work. I believe Michelle Levy should appear on the third season of Twin Peaks, not only because she is my best friend and it would like totally be one of, if not THE highlight of her life, but because she, like you, are a believer in the power of unanticipated, synchronous magic. And these letters, coming to you from my dimension, are a response to your images which came to her from your dimension. If you are reading this now, you are aware of a new, unanticipated reality. Please make it happen.

Many thanks.


Pablo Helguera Speaks

Dear Mr. Lynch and Mr. Frost,

I am writing this in support of Michelle Levy’s proposal to bringing Agent Cooper back to life by an appearance in your show. While I understand that this could be a presumptuous proposal, the fact is that Ms. Levy’s multi-year exploration on this subject has had a real impact in the art world and has helped generate interest in Twin Peaks. I believe Michelle to be an exceptional artist- creative and imaginative- and the fact that she has devoted so much of her time and talent to the storyline behind Agent Cooper  is a testament on how this series has had an impact and exerted a particular fascination to a whole generation of visual artists in the U.S. and beyond. I know that many of us would be delighted and honored if Michelle would be given an opportunity to appear in the show, as it would bring the world of the visual arts and television together.

I urge you to consider this proposal.

Pablo Helguera
artist, NYC

Michelle’s Mom Speaks

To: David Lynch
Re: My daughter, Michelle Levy vis a vis Twin Peaks

Dear Mr. Lynch,

Right from the start, Michelle spun the everyday into magic.

She must have been three and enamored with fairy tales when she began to dig holes in the yard to find her way to England where she could be a princess. Her search for highness was impetus for a family trip abroad.

When Cabbage Patch dolls became the rage and were backordered, rather than just wait, Michelle, who by then was about six, created one out of fabric remnants and ribbons, quite a lovely doll which I have to this day. She created other toys and little girls’ accessories that she was not able or allowed to acquire.

When she was in her second grade class, all the other parents and I were amazed to see a painting displayed high above the chalkboard by someone whom we thought must have been a visiting artist. It was Michelle’s.

In fourth grade, she wrote a novel, The War of the Religions, in which imagined a world of peace.

Michelle has been busy ever since creating stunning visual and performance art. What a joy it would be to see her on Twin Peaks. Please bring her on board so the magic she spins with her audiences while searching for Agent Cooper can be directed back to the source of her inspiration.

Thank you,
Bernice Levy

Franziska Lamprecht Speaks

ML – what does it stand for?
Michelle Levy?
Magaret Lanterman?
I hope the once called Michelle adds a birth certificate to her application. She might be the exact same age that Margaret Lanterman was 20 years ago. She definitely looks a little bit like her.
I wonder who carries the log right now?  Who will be leading us to the many? Could Michelle hold the log? Could she then open her mouth and say the thing she needs to say?
I wonder –  for a reason.

Franziska Lamprecht