Pablo Helguera Speaks

Dear Mr. Lynch and Mr. Frost,

I am writing this in support of Michelle Levy’s proposal to bringing Agent Cooper back to life by an appearance in your show. While I understand that this could be a presumptuous proposal, the fact is that Ms. Levy’s multi-year exploration on this subject has had a real impact in the art world and has helped generate interest in Twin Peaks. I believe Michelle to be an exceptional artist- creative and imaginative- and the fact that she has devoted so much of her time and talent to the storyline behind Agent Cooper  is a testament on how this series has had an impact and exerted a particular fascination to a whole generation of visual artists in the U.S. and beyond. I know that many of us would be delighted and honored if Michelle would be given an opportunity to appear in the show, as it would bring the world of the visual arts and television together.

I urge you to consider this proposal.

Pablo Helguera
artist, NYC