Angela Washko Speaks

Dear David Lynch and any other members of the Twin Peaks creative team that this may be relevant to,

Have you seen someone channel Agent Dale Cooper for a live audience of more than a hundred people?

I have. I didn’t believe in the beginning. And then I did. Something about the stain left on my pie plate and the way I had to look into a stranger’s eyes and all of the chanting in unison brought me to a place where I thought I’d really found Agent C or at least an apparition of his spirit or something like that. Anyway Michelle Levy has been bringing him to life where you left off – so it only makes sense to allow her to inhabit the televised version of that space. Any new version of the show will have a noticeable hole without her presence.

I hope you’ll see the light!

-Angela Washko

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, Carnegie Mellon University

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