Nathaniel Sullivan Speaks

“Cooper is alive.” Of course Kyle Maclachlan would say such a thing. But this was over three years ago, at a wine tasting in Williamsburg, in a small shop that will filled with a mixture of few Twin Peaks fans, loyal boutique wine shop customers and passers-by who came in after recognizing the actor as he poured out glasses of his signature wine. Perhaps Michelle was the first person outside of a close circle of people who were privy to what is now happening: the resurrection of Agent Cooper. And who better than her to receive the message that there will be second act?

I have been privy to various iterations of Michelle’s project as it has developed over the past five years: I was in attendance at a lecture perfomance that was a mixture of auto-biography and a projection of Cooper’s spirit, I videotaped a seance where everyone felt more connected to him by event’s end and I have seen the photographs of him throughout the city. In short I am convinced that Michelle is connected to Cooper in ways that transcend fandom, or superficiality. She understands Agent Cooper is a part of all of us, and has connected many to that part of themselves that is magical, transformative and at times difficult to face.

This is not simply a testimonial in support of Michelle’s plea to be a part of the show somehow.  It is a statement to the fact that even the actor who is charged with bringing the character to life recognized: Michelle’s connection to Cooper and her deeper understanding of the character is rare and deserves an inclusion in the plans to re-boot Twin Peaks. Maclachlan even mentioned Michelle’s project in a subsequent interview, months later. The fact that the project remained with him for that long, from a brief conversation at a wine tasting is a ringing endorsement for her inclusion in the new episodes being shot.

Nathaniel Sullivan
artist, NYC