Angela Conant Speaks

Dear Mr. Lynch,

Perhaps the chief reason why Michelle Levy is ideal to participate in the project of the return of Twin Peaks, is because she is above and beyond unlike any other person. I have known Michelle for eight years and I know that her exceptional nature is exemplary of the fascinating, complex and absurd characters of Twin Peaks.

She found something in Agent Cooper that is undeniably in her: a tenacious and unyielding sense of query. She is convinced she can connect with him, and because of this like trait, it is undeniably so. To be sure, she already has. To miss the opportunity to include her would be to pass up the potential for magic that follows Michelle wherever she treads: from reality to imaginary and back.

In reality, between curating acclaimed exhibition programming at the Elizabeth Foundation Project Space in Manhattan, she has honed performance work that is nothing short of masterful in its capacity to harness the imagination and heart of an audience. This was evident in one of her early Agent Cooper related performances wherein ones future was told and/or wish fulfilled on the paper plate licked clean of the perfect cherry pie. In the imaginary, Michelle’s childhood being and adult yearning make more sense of the world than a lot of truth; she created her own reality where Cooper looks over her Brooklyn haunts.

Michelle is a serious, talented performer, curator and artist. As a fan of Twin Peaks, an admirer of Michelle and as an artist, it is without reservation that I highly suggest you give me and all of my fellow Michelle Levy admirers the honor of witnessing her interact with your beautiful and dangerous world.

Angela Conant