Jen Liu Speaks

Dear David,

Michelle Levy is a remarkable artist whose sole mission is to deliver from darkness to light, the proto-paternal/romantic male figures of her life.  One of the most important of these figure is Agent Cooper, a figure in transit between non-place and place, between cinematic fiction and the real (aging) body of the actor, and now between the 90s and the 2010’s: the span of a generation.
I hope you have an idea of what Michelle is asking of you.  To my mind, it seems like the perfect moment to foster a secondary story, that of an aspiring young artist who counts your work as key to the narrative of her own coming-of-age.  It should not be an interruption, it is another story running under the main story, deepening the complexity of its host: embedding the social impact of the original, within the fabric of its own renewal.

Sincerely Yours,

Jen Liu