Sally Szwed Speaks

I will never forget the night Michelle’s search for Agent Cooper began… well to be fair the night it began in public. Even as one of Michelle’s close friends, I don’t even really know when exactly the search began, but I imagine it was long, long before the crisp fall night (October 2010 to be exact) at the Gowanus Studio Space, the first venue for Michelle’s public call to action. I remember it all so clearly maybe because I was responsible for advancing the slides on Michelle’s power point, and in a way responsible for bringing us all one step closer to Cooper. It was a role I did not take lightly.

Little did I know this night would be the beginning of a multi-year search that still goes on.  Michelle’s tactics have continued to evolve, and her dedication to the search for dear Cooper has only intensified. Many might wonder why a beautiful, smart woman like Michelle has dedicated her prime years to search for a fictional character. However, if you are ever lucky enough to meet Michelle in person and witness any aspect of her search, you too would understand. You too would believe.

All in the name of finding him. Michelle’s search is a testimony to humankind and faith in all that is good in the world. It is a testimony to the power of art, community action, and resilience. I believe now is the time for Michelle, and all of us to find Cooper.

-Sally Szwed

Curator of Engagement, Creative Time Summit