Matt Stromberg Speaks

Growing up, I was an awkward child. I spent a lot of time indoors, listening to music and watching tv. When twin peaks came on, it was like a revelation. A network show that was made for me, the weird, shy kid who felt more kinship with Donna, Bobby and James than with the square jocks on 90210. I wore out Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise’s soundtrack on cassette, stayed up late on school nights reading The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, and rushed to the theater when Fire Walk With Me came out.
Over time, my enthusiasm for the program faded into just a fond memory. Twenty years later, Michelle Levy reinvigorated my passion for twin peaks with her “searching for agent cooper” series. Michelle’s multi-media performances take the show’s internal mythology and fuse it with her own personal and artistic experiences. Through her works, Agent Cooper lives again as a potent, creative force. What a wonderfully serendipitous moment it would be to see Michelle Levy — a fervent advocate for the transformative power of twin peaks — as a character in the show’s latest incarnation.
Matt Stromberg
Arts Writer, Los Angeles

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