Sunita Prasad Speaks

Countless fans have been awaiting the return of Twin Peaks over the past two and a half decades, but Michelle Levy is the only one who has spent years actively Searching for Agent Cooper. And she has found him -in flashes. At moments when his turns of phrase seem to resonate most, such as Occupy Wall Street, or in places so strangely beautiful as the Gowanus Canal or Coney Island, she has glimpsed him. But only for a flickering moment. Just long enough to snap a photograph, and he’s gone.

I think a lot of us have wondered idly after an episode what we might say over a cup of coffee and a slice of pie with Agent Dale Cooper. But Michelle Levy is the person who actually has something urgent to say to him upon his return. Something she has been preparing to say through years of elegant and transporting performance art. Something only she has been able to sense all these years. Something that I suspect you will find very soon on a page in your writers’ room and recognize immediately as the words you’ve been searching for. You may wonder: whose words are these? Who is meant to deliver them to Cooper on Twin Peaks? Michelle Levy. That’s who.

-Sunita Prasad
artist and filmmaker