Jillian Steinhauer Speaks

Dear Mr. Lynch and Mr. MacLachlan,

Agent Cooper’s quest for Bob is endless, even if Bob lives inside him. Michelle Levy’s quest for Agent Cooper is similarly endless–she cannot rest until she comes face to face with him himself. She searches for all of us.

It is, on the surface, a strange coincidence that Michelle performed a story about her search for Agent Cooper on the day the return of Twin Peaks was announced. But in fact, it isn’t that strange, is it? Much stranger things have happened in Twin Peaks. And perhaps, as with those incidents, what it is is actually a symbol. And the only way to decipher it is to bring Michelle to the show.

This may all seem like a gimmick or ploy to get a crazed fan onto a highly beloved show. Understandable. But think hard about this. As you know and I know, as anyone who understands Twin Peaks knows, the owls are never what they seem.

Jillian Steinhauer

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