Sarah Cameron Sunde Speaks

Dear Powers That Be,

Michelle Levy embodies the creative spirit and mystery of Twin Peaks in a way you have never seen before.

She is cutting edge performance art.
She is twist and wit at its finest.
She is bravery and perseverance encapsulated.

I will never forget the response from one of my dear friends, Magda Buczek, a recognized artist in Poland. When she heard about “Searching for Agent C,” Magda’s eyes grew wide and she declared it “one of the most brilliant projects she’d ever heard of” and a perfect response to her favorite show of all time.

Michelle creates buzz wherever she goes.

She pours love and care into her work, and I think it’s important to note that she is always meticulously well-dressed.

I hope you will seriously consider her request.
She will add a new dimension to the Twin Peaks story.

You won’t be sorry.

Sarah Cameron Sunde
director + interdisciplinary artist