Jillian Steinhauer Speaks

Dear Mr. Lynch and Mr. MacLachlan,

Agent Cooper’s quest for Bob is endless, even if Bob lives inside him. Michelle Levy’s quest for Agent Cooper is similarly endless–she cannot rest until she comes face to face with him himself. She searches for all of us.

It is, on the surface, a strange coincidence that Michelle performed a story about her search for Agent Cooper on the day the return of Twin Peaks was announced. But in fact, it isn’t that strange, is it? Much stranger things have happened in Twin Peaks. And perhaps, as with those incidents, what it is is actually a symbol. And the only way to decipher it is to bring Michelle to the show.

This may all seem like a gimmick or ploy to get a crazed fan onto a highly beloved show. Understandable. But think hard about this. As you know and I know, as anyone who understands Twin Peaks knows, the owls are never what they seem.

Jillian Steinhauer

Jean Barberis Speaks

I saw Special Agent Dale Cooper for the first time in an old sweat shop next to the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. Well. To be fair that was the one and only time.

Of course, like millions of people I had watched Twin Peaks many times, but I always failed to see Special Agent Dale Cooper for who he really was, until Michelle showed me.

It was a cold  December night, and like the 40 people that showed up to watch Michelle speak that night, I was huddled in the unheated warehouse, captivated by the glowing beam of the video projector.

I don’t exactly remember what she said, or did, for the most part she gave a performative lecture about her quest for Special Agent Dale Cooper. It was all ernest and sweet and funny and touching in a way only Michelle can be ernest and sweet and funny and touching.

What I do remember, is that at one point, in the hypnotic light, time stopped. I remember a sweet, tangy familiar taste in my mouth, like a comforting treat on misty fall day, and suddenly, Special Agent Dale Cooper appeared to me. He stared deep inside of me. His mouth stayed still, but there was a kind smile in his eyes. The whole experience couldn’t have lasted longer than a second, but that second contained eternities. And just as suddenly, Special Agent Dale Cooper was gone. I looked down at my lap, where a paper plate stood empty, except for a few crumbs of crust and a smudge of cherry filling.

That night, I experienced communion, with a slice of cherry pie.

Jean Barberis,

Jason Schwarz Speaks

michelle is one of the few people who understand just how real dale cooper is. like not conceptually real but materially real. she has been predicting his emergence for years, and in the meantime she has convinced a generation of artists that they are more conscious while dreaming. at first her talks made us all uncomfortable, but now we know that this is only because we are not sleeping yet. if she were to be on twin peaks, the cosmos would finally fold inward and the borders between night and day, wakefullness and wakelessness, and flesh and air would dissolve. please make us one. please let her on the show. thank you.

jason schwartz

Laura Schneider Speaks


I love Twin Peaks (and your work in general)! The disturbing and confounding realities you create have enthralled me. I also am a fan of the work of artist Michelle Levy–she has fabricated an interesting relationship between herself as artist-performer-lecturer and the disappeared character of Agent Cooper. I think it would be amazingly bizarre and apropos to have Levy appear, somehow, within an episode. Please consider it!

Thank you,

Laura Schneider

Jennie Rabinowitz Speaks

Dear David Lynch,

Michelle Levy exists on Agent Cooper’s frequency. She dwells in a different kind of forest, where skyscrapers are as alive as pines. She too has dreams and visions, and I am lucky that she’s shared many of them with me over the past 25 years. Visionaries are sometimes ultra-solemn or all ego; not Michelle. She melds merriment and mystique like no other.  Your audience would be blessed by but a glimpse of her.  Do something wonderful with her, for her.  You won’t regret it.

Sincerely, from the heart,

Jennie Rabinowitz
Washington D.C.

Clarinda Mac Low Speaks

Dear Mr. Lynch and associates.
Long before I met Michelle Levy, I heard rumors. Fragments. Stories. Then I met Ms. Levy and I understood why rumors and stories about her would circulate in this way. She is magnetic and sincere, and utterly original. She is a natural performer with a tremendous strength of presence and a sublime commitment to the performing task. Her raw potential is boundless, and her imagination is deep and there to be tapped. She would be an intriguing and enriching addition to the cast of Twin Peaks, a surreal and hyperreal echo from the real world, and I urge you to cast her. You will not be disappointed.
Clarinda Mac Low
Director, Choreographer, and Multi-disciplinary artist

Javier Barrios Speaks

Dear Mr. Lynch

I met Michelle randomly through work and straight away I could tell that there was something interesting about her. After becoming facebook friends I noticed that she had been working on a project on Dale Cooper for a while. This caught my interest and looked forward in hearing more about her art project.

We met a second time where I asked Michelle about her relationship to Cooper. What I thought out to be just an art project turned out to be so much more. She told me the most passionate and personal story about significant coincidences in her life and how they traced back to Dale Cooper. No wonder she has been looking for him all this time. I sincerely hope that she gets to tell you the story in person one day Mr. Lynch.

All the best,

Javier Barrios
Oslo, Norway